Friday, February 26, 2010

This is the Day that Never Ends

Sine the Rice Krispie Treat activity we have:

  • Done two loads of laundry - 15 minutes
  • Played with snow inside - 15 minutes
  • Played in the snow outside (Mommy pulling 60 pounds of children on a sled) - 15 minutes suiting up, 20 minutes outside
  • Eaten lunch - 30 minutes
  • Eaten at least three snacks - 2 minutes/ea - 6 minutes total
  • Made hot/warm chocolate - 10 minutes
  • Watched too much television - 45 minutes
  • Attempted to "be lazy and watch TV in Mommy's bed" - 5 minutes
  • Listened to AK cry from her crib while laying on the couch snuggling with LP - 24 minutes

190 minutes real time = two days in mommy time

amended to add: I left off one of the most exciting items - giving AK a bath to wash PEANUT BUTTER out of her hair. Awesome. Worse than the cottage cheese from a few months ago. Where does she come up with these ideas?

1 comment:

Adam said...

I hear peanut butter works to get gum out of your hair. In fact, I think you needed to use that when you were younger :) Maybe she was using it for that?