Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm Melting

The only thing worse than your child having a meltdown is your child having a meltdown in public. The only thing worse? Your child having a meltdown in public in front of people you know.


We missed the mega-snow storm of 2010, but we had our very own emotional tornado.

We celebrated the lack of crazy, nasty weather by putting our family pass to the Stamford Museum & Nature Center to the test with the 'Molala' Family. There is a funky exhibit with animated garbage that the kids (big and small) really enjoyed.

Since it was mid-day and everyone was hungry, we decided to grab lunch. And that is when the fireworks began. Four kids, early wake-ups (6:30 for LP! Earlier for the Molalas!), too long a wait, and the promise of post-lunch cupcakes was obviously too much. AK was her nutty self, which is normally not too bad as long as she is the only kid trying to walk on the table, but LP was in rare form. Apparently she was possessed. I am not sure by whom, but I can tell you it was by someone I didn't like very much.

Needless to say, there were no cupcakes harmed - or consumed - in the course of our tantrum-filled afternoon.

Today was better. Most days are better.

The Molalas are even still talking to us.


Anonymous said...

Come on - be fair, LP wasn't the only one who melted down! Little Man Molala had his share too. I've decided to blame the chocolate milk ;-)


A's Mom said...

Tantrums are so much fun.