Friday, January 29, 2010

The Lucky Ones

I spend a lot of time thinking and writing about how lucky I am to have such a wonderful, happy and healthy family and for everything else that I have.

But sometimes I wonder if my children realize how lucky they are to have me.

The other night LP asked me, "Mommy, how come sometimes you go 'ACK!!!' when something happens?"

I told her honestly, "I say 'ACK!!!' because I am frustrated. And saying 'ACK!!!' helps me calm down and makes me feel better."

What I didn't say was, "I say 'ACK!!!' so that I don't say or do something worse."
  • They are lucky that I do say "ACK!!!".
  • They are lucky that when they are up for no apparent reason (like last night) from 1am until 3:30am I am awake with them, trying to comfort them and solve for all their ills.
  • They are lucky that I have a seemingly infinite amount of patience when they upend their lunch plate and all of its uneaten contents all over my dining room.
  • They are lucky that I have given up on my couch, so I just run and get wet paper towels when they draw, drool, or snot on it.
  • They are lucky that I love them as much as I do so that when they jump on my with all of their weight, knees first, I only grunt and remind them that it hurts.
  • They are lucky that they are as cute as they are for so many reasons.

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