Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Dog Ate My Homework

In the past two weeks I have had meetings cancelled by colleagues for lame excuses.

One call, which was a last ditch effort to get feedback on a document I ghost wrote in DECEMBER, was ditched because, "I am sorry to report that I have lost my voice. So I will look at your document shortly and send email comments."

Shockingly, still no comments. Voice and hand are very closely connected, natch.

Yesterday, about an hour before meeting time with another Vice President, I got the following urgent email, "Am in dentist office to pull infected wisdom tooth- let's reschedule- please advise if this works Tx!"

I am looking forward to others bowing out of this afternoon's conference calls on account of impending (but not yet arrived at my office or home) snow.

Tomorrow, when I am actually snowbound with my girls, don't count on me participating in any conference calls.

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