Thursday, February 18, 2010

Perhaps It's French?

LP's preschool class has a pet fish. It is a rather large, ugly catfish that they have had for quite some time. Apparently they decided to give the previously unnamed fish a name yesterday. Ideas were solicited from the class and voted on.

LP's contribution?



Yes, I am spelling it correctly. And it was the literate teacher that wrote it on the board, so it is probably pretty accurate to how LP portrayed it.

I have no idea how to say it. LP's friend Glam Cam was trying to help me with the pronunciation, but to no avail.

Amazingly, this entry got the NINE votes. The second highest number of votes (I am guessing they were all allowed to vote multiple times).

Fortunately, "Kisser," proposed by the fabulous and girly MK, won with 10 votes.

My child is so random.

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nallman said...

"Kisser"? Clearly there are more girls in the class now than boys:).