Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lots of Togetherness

Friday night: Date with my lady friends. Woo-hoo! Nice to be out on the town without children and not really worried about said children (sorry Dads). The downside: we closed down the restaurant and it was only a little after 10. We have been known to stay out past midnight.

Saturday: Not much doing. Highlight was the lack of naps. Oh, and taking the girls to CVS to get the Hoos a Valentine's Day Card. LP was adamant that he have a card that made noise. Not sure that "Every girl can be a princess" was the right choice, but he loved it.

Sunday: Woken up at 7am, "Happy Valentine's Day, Daddy! This is for you." Early, but sweet start. Celebrated with a family outing to IKEA. Kids ate free, both girls were totally zonked from running around and fell asleep in the car and transitioned to their beds so we got quiet time in the middle of the day. Can't recall the last time LP napped in her own bed. For real.

Monday: The Hoos had the day off! Mommy didn't! We kept both girls home. AK had her second hearing test - results not so good. Consult with the pediatrician next Monday and then likely on to the ENT. She has lots of words, so I wonder how much more she would be saying without fluid in her ears. Maybe we would better be able to interpret when she points to the fish tank filter babbling repetitively. She is saying SOMETHING, we just don't know what. Oh, and the night ended with DUEL meltdowns thanks to no naps.

Tuesday: More snow. yay. I got up at 6:30, showered and shoveled. One to three inches my arse! Maybe it is just my street, but I was pushing 3-5 inches EASY. The girls have a one hour delay, and the Hoos is taking them, begrudgingly. Which is surprising because he usually drops them off at 8:50!!!

As my colleague Dr. Menzel would say, "Better days ahead!"

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