Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Notes from the Home Office

Last night after school, LP went into our home office, shut the door and called out, "I'm working! Don't open the door! And if the phone rings, don't answers it! It's for me!"

Alrighty then. We now know 1. who is running the show and 2. how a working mom does impact her children. This never happens when she watches daddy work from home.

At some point I picked up the phone to call my mother and let her know that LP was expecting her call. LP saw me on the phone and reprimanded me, "I told you not to answer the phone!" She didn't accept my protests that I hadn't answered the phone, rather I had made an outgoing call.

My mom called back and she and LP had a long conversation about all of the work LP had to do and how she had lists and lists of people she needed to call. The discussion was only interrupted when she lost her writing implement, "Grandma, I dropped my pen. Hold on. Don't hang up."

Later on my grandmother, nicknamed "GG" (for great-grandma) called and she had a similar lengthy conversation. LP explained all about our snow and asked GG about her weather. When GG explained that the sun was out in Florida LP implored, "GG, does it ever snow at your house?" Very cute. Until she was done talking and just handed me the phone and walked away mid-conversation.

We still have some office etiquette to work on, but it looks like I may have a future working mom on my hands.


Adam said...

You should have told us, we could have had Julie and Kaitlyn join in on a conference call :)

Anonymous said...

So funny. I love that LP. MK doesn't play house like most girls, instead she plays daycare. G and I have to play the teacher role, provide updates on poops, naps and food - and she requests a daily sheet!