Friday, February 12, 2010

Do No Harm

As I type this, AK is sitting on the floor next to me playing with a box of unlit candles. Not sure what the entertainment value is, but if it helps wax my floor and causes no damage, what could be bad?

This child of mine, who is really no bigger than a peanut, is absolutely silly. I can no longer give her a tissue to wipe off her own nose when she yells out "Boogies!" because she does bad things with the tissues. Bad things that could cause injury. Bad things like breaking off pieces, balling them up and stuffing them up her nose. To the point that I need tweezers to extract them from her sinuses.

She also refuses to sit in the grocery cart. Waiting until my back is turned to stand up and freak out all of the nearby shoppers.

She is also an earlier jumper. I remember that it was a developmental thing for LP to be able to get both feet off the ground while jumping. AK jumps on and off the stairs, squatting down and calling out "HAND!" if she wants some stability. Which isn't every time.

She may not have caused herself serious injury yet, but I do think she is the root of a conversation our mutual hairdresser had with the Hoos last week about my gray hair.
Notice anything strange here?

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