Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Learning From Life

Last night the ladies were in rare form. It took us way too long to get out of the day care center and I had to physically force both girls into their carseats so that we could get home.

Learning objective: Learning how to resist the urge to follow our friends and instead LISTEN TO OUR MOMMY.

Fortunately by the time we got home the tears were over - at least briefly. AK had what I guess was a tantrum for no apparent reason. I didn't yell or force anything on her and she just flipped out. Wanted to be in her chair. Didn't want to be in her chair. Wanted to eat. Didn't want to eat. Wanted this fork. Wanted that fork. Wanted to carry her bowl into the dining room. Wanted her bowl to disappear.

Learning objective: Using our words to convey our emotions instead of our bodies.

I managed to convince the girls that it would be SUPER FUN to change their sheets. Actually, this wasn't too hard, they like the concept. Especially jumping on the mattresses.

Learning objective: Making work fun makes it more bearable. (Good luck applying that in the office.)

In the meantime, AK was wandering around sans bottoms (this followed a diaper change and was right before a bath so I didn't want to waste a diaper). LP decided to follow suit, removing her panties. AK decided to put on said panties. I then spent the next half hour neurotically asking AK if she had to pee. She didn't end up peeing in the panties, which is good. But she also didn't pee on the potty.

Learning objective: Not peeing around the house is cool. Peeing on the potty is cooler. Sharing underwear, less cool.

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