Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Snotty Kids

Ah, yes, Fall arrived this week, bringing with it changing leaves, cooler temperatures, footy pajamas and the inevitable cold. AK has had a cold on and off since before starting day care; LP got socked yesterday with her first cold of the season. The good news is the LP is really good at blowing her nose, the bad news is I keep expecting AK to do the same thing, and that isn't really happening. Just like her sister before her, she hates the nose squeegee.

Last night started out pretty darn good in the sleeping department. LP was in bed by 9 and AK fell asleep at 9:05 after her bath. She woke up at 9:55 to be fed (just at the perfect moment for me to miss the end of The Biggest Loser) and blissfully returned to sleep. All was right and quiet in the house.

Until 2 am.

"Daddddeeeeeeeeeeeee! Dadddeeeeeeeeeeee!" How psyched was I that LP was calling the Hoos and not me? You have no idea. He went in to her room, wiped her nose and tucked her back in. He eventually sneaked out telling her he had to pee. Apparently she was wide awake. Fortunately, that didn't last long, although both the Hoos and I didn't fall right back to sleep anticipating more drama. We did get to hear the errant cough from both bedrooms.

At 4:50 AK called my number. Which was good, I needed to feed her (if you get my drift). I think it might have been a new record for her - almost 7 hours. She returned to sleep after eating and I returned to bed.

I got up at 6:30 when my alarm went off, showered and then gently coaxed AK into being "topped off" in her sleep. As I left her room and returned to mine to get dressed, a mussed haired little muffin called out, "Mommy, come here." I promised LP I would return as soon as I got dressed. And I did - in brown pants and a black shirt, which I fortunately noticed BEFORE leaving the house fifteen minutes late.

Snot, how I loathe thee.

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Robyn said...

Ugh. Of all the bodily fluids, snot may be the grossest (and longest lasting).

I hope your girls feel better soon!!