Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Here are some snippets from recent conversations in our house:

LP: Mommy, I had dreams last night.
Me: Really? What did you dream about?
LP: Animals.
Me: What kind of animals?
LP: Blue ones.
Me: Like what?
LP: Dinosaurs.
LP: Did you have good dreams last night too?

Me: LP, see these butterflies on your undies [pull-ups]?
LP: Ya! Butterflies!
Me: When you pee in your undies the butterflies go away. Did the butterflies go away?
LP: (looks) Ya!
Me: Did you pee in your undies?
LP: Maybe.

Not a snippet, but an announcement. I am changing Dee's blog name to AK. 1. LP can now say AK's name correctly, so Dee no longer fits and 2. Several people have taken to calling AK "Dee" and we don't call her that (we do call LP "LP" and AK "AK").


KiKi said...

A politician in the making. LMAO.

Wenderina said...

AK huh. Well that will take some getting used to. Love the snippets.