Friday, September 5, 2008

The Case of the Missing Vacuum

I have mentioned before that the Hoos is building a kayak in our basement. Occasionally this will require that he clean up after himself, so he brings our household vacuum downstairs. Usually, not a problem.

Today our cleaning woman arrived to make my house presentable until 4:30pm when LP arrives home and undoes all of her hard work. While she was here Dee and I went out to run some errands. As I am heading toward home my cell phone rings, "Hi, Amy. It is Gabby. Where is your vacuum?" (Imagine this with a Slovakian accent). I apologize that it is not where it belongs and tell her it is likely in the basement. "I look in the basement. It is not there." Since I am near home, I tell her to hold on and I will come and locate it. I then call the Hoos to confirm its location.

I immediately go down to the basement when I get home, not even turning on the light. I don't see the vacuum. I go upstairs to run on the light and finally find the vacuum tucked back in the shadows.

Gabby then tells me that she was scared looking around our basement. I figure 1. she didn't know where the light was (it is not in a place that you would associate with a basement light) and every one's basement looks creepy in the dark and 2. my basement is full of stuff and therefore scary in a figurative way. She shakes her head, "No, I mean in that room," pointing to the area of the basement where the Hoos keeps his tools. Here is a picture of what she saw when she was seeking out the missing air sucker:

Can you blame her? I think the Hoos' waders are scary too.


Anonymous said...

OK, completely creepy! Are those loaner waders from Paul Bunyan? How does your Hoos fit in those given I know how tall he is : ) The scary things in my basement are lovely bugs nicknamed camel crickets. They jump to extreme heights have these huge bulbous bodys that are just awful when you squish them!
Love, LN

Robyn said...

Hah! I'd be scared too. Poor cleaning lady...!

Wenderina said...

That was too funny. It's like creature from the Black Lagoon or something.

I hate that it was your first week back and I never got to have lunch with you (group meetings don't count)

Next week for sure!