Tuesday, September 2, 2008

State of Being

I am...
  • back in the office
  • missing my babies
  • happy that Dee has been turning over like crazy
  • exhausted from turning Dee back over time and time again in the middle of the night
  • thrilled that Dee is taking a bottle
  • concerned that she only drank 3 ounces this morning (once you can measure it can make you crazy, maybe she usually only has 3 ounces in the morning - how would I know? I haven't had my boobs calibrated lately)
  • worried that Dee seems to have some congestion
  • curious about how LP is doing in her new "older toddler" classroom
  • psyched that I pumped 6 ounces this morning
  • wondering just what it is that I do around here
  • trying to figure out how the heck I am going to manage everything and then some
  • not looking forward to a group lunch meeting

1 comment:

DaisyJo_Mom said...

I have a similar list for today (if it helps any...)

- Wondering how RJ is doing at school (after having a trip to the ER the night of his b-day party for stomach cramps)

- Wondering how LD is doing in her new class (since she was unusally clingy this morning)

- Trying to sort through the 500+ emails in my inbox since I was on vacation

- Looking forward to seeing the kids at pick up

- Trying to sort out our morning routine now that my work hours have changed. (How will we get RJ to school in the AM...)

- Irritated that the public school system is off so many days and thinking maybe I should have been a teacher???

Best of luck with back to work. LP seemed really happy when I saw her today! Talk to you soon.