Saturday, February 3, 2007

Redefining 'A Sense of Accomplishment'

When is the last time you felt a real sense of accomplishment? Usually it has to do with completing a project or a job well done. Before LP, that is when I would have applied the term. Now, I parade around the house, feeling a real sense of accomplishment...when I remove a huge booger from LP's nose. Not only do I parade around the house, I do so with the giant snot stuck to my finger, waving it above my head. It sounds insane, but let me explain:

First, you have to get close to LP's nose. No easy feat when you consider her previously blogged about super human strength when faced with a tissue. She also has this tactic I call "the mini-golf windmill". She also uses this when eating on occasion. Just when you think you are close to your target, her hand moves to block the incoming hand.

Second, you have to be prepared. Keep in mind, these are not ordinary boogers. They are made of some organic compound that can be stretched beyond imaginable limits. You need to have a tissue available for the snot to stick to, otherwise all it does it taunt you and then bounce back into the nostril never to be seen again.

Third, you have to have at least six hands - like the Indian deity with the elephant head; two to hold her head still, two to immobilize her arms, one to hold the tissue and the other with a longer nail on the pinky to fit in the nostril and coax the little yellow bugger out.

After reading this, don't you agree that removing one big-butt booger is better than closing a multi-million dollar deal or giving a presentation to a group of key clients?

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