Friday, September 19, 2008

Getting Oriented

After ignoring the request to send four bottles in for AK instead of just three, I received a new request on yesterday's daily sheet, "Please get larger nipples, [AK] gets frustrated when the milk doesn't come out fast enough and she then falls asleep."

First of all, thank you very much for noticing my nips, I think they are large enough considering they are the size of tea saucers; second of all, fine, whatever, I will get faster flowing nipples. I know that she is a fast eater at home and despite the fact that the nipples on the Nuby bottles are supposed to be "vari-flow", I can understand if a different nipple might better mimic the boob. In fact, I picked some Dr. Brown's stage 2 standard nipples at WalMart this morning.

On the positive side, last night was the open house at LP's and AK's school. We got to meet and greet with the teachers and other parents and hear more about their classrooms. Since there is only one of me and two classrooms for me to visit (the Hoos had an event for work last night, so even with the in-laws baby-sitting I was still on my own), I sent the majority of my time in LP's room. I did the infant room when LP was in it.

Regardless of time spent, Miss Louise and the other teachers in AK's room did inform me that they think she is on the cusp of holding her own bottle. That is pretty awesome in my opinion. They also let me know that she is adorable and very alert. What can I say, I make awesome babies?

LP's classroom required me to sit in a very uncomfortable toddler-sized chair. What is it about those chairs that make my kidneys ache? I was pleased to learn more about LP's teachers and day-to-day activities. I got the impression that everyone thinks LP is as cool and cute a kid as I do. But I would probably think that even if it wasn't true. Apparently at school when they wake the kids up after nap time, all they have to say to LP is, "Do you want to go potty?" and she jumps up and runs to it. If I ask if she wants to go potty she typically ignores me.

A good outcome was that the teachers offered to share their lesson plans and song lyrics so we can try to keep up at home. I always feel like a moron when LP requests a song that I don't know - except for "Hamda," a title she has given to a Hebrew song that I likely wouldn't sing even if I could - it is part of the Hoos' repertoire anyway. I just hope they have some songs other than five little monkeys jumping on the bed or swinging in the trees. They are already killing me.

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Robyn said...

That's awesome -- I have NO idea what Bear does all day long. That's the downside of a non-traditional daycare situation. He does come home singing new songs and telling me new things, so I'm trying to be chill and leave it at that.

We'll see how long that lasts...!