Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thankful Not to Be Relegated to a Rest Room

I am thankful to have a lactation room at my office. It includes two chairs separated by curtains, a sink, and a mini-fridge. When I pumped with LP there were three of us that used the room. We all got along famously when our schedules overlapped - which was rare. We started a "wall of fame" over the sink with pictures of our babies.

This time around there are four of us that share the room. I am the latest addition to the crew having just arrived back at work two weeks ago. Two of the woman have been using the room for more than 6 months and have made themselves at home. They have rearranged the seats (still separated by curtains) brought in clocks and created "mood lighting" by utilizing lamps they brought in instead of the overhead lighting. And if our schedules should overlap they prefer not to talk while expressing.

To them, the lactation room is an oasis away from their desks.

To me, it is very utilitarian in purpose. Yes, it is beautiful that AK is nourished by her mommy's body, blah blah blah...but at work, I pump to make three bottles for her to drink the next day; I pump so that I don't leak and have embarrassing boob bulls-eyes; I pump to keep my production up; and I pump so I don't have horrific engorgement issues and breasts the size and consistency of boulders.

While I hope both of these women pump as long and as often as they want, I hope that they stop breast feeding before me and we don't overlap too often.

At least they kept up the wall of fame. AK's picture is now right next to her sister. Right where she should be:)


Tiffany said...

That is wonderful that you have a special room instead of a restroom. I lucked out at work in that one attorney left our office and we did not hire anyone to replace her so I just used her office. I did have to work while I pumped so her office was nice since her computer was still there.

KiKi said...

I love that we have the room, and I remember the HR emp who fought to make it happen. It's a great hiding spot, very private... it's been some years since I've been up there but I'd love to see the wall of fame. Do you think they'd attack me if I went up next time you moo?

All that said, I hope they're done if/when I get back in there.