Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bite Me

So yesterday's daily day care sheet for AK had a note, "Please send four bottles for [AK]". When I picked her up they told me she was "very, very hungry."

Never mind that it hadn't even been three hours since she last ate and never mind that she was looking content, sucking away on her pacifier...

Oh, and never mind that I am PUMPING BREAST MILK and getting boobs to produce MORE than 15 ounces in 8 hours is 1. implausible, 2. ridiculous and 3. going to be even less likely in the coming months as she nurses less and eats more.

Bite me, Miss Louise.


Anonymous said...

I feel your frustration, and empty boobs! That's why I now have liquid formula that I top Ez's bottles off with when the momma milk is running low. I wonder if she really is hungry, or if your providers need to get to know AK's cues better? Your beautiful pix are evidence that she's growing and healthy!
PS: From your title, I thought AK was sprouting teeth!
Love, LN

3XMom said...

Oh my GOD I so feel your pain. My daycare used to heat up a bottle, my kid would drink 1 oz and stop. They would then heat up a different bottle 2 hours later and use that..and so on. So I started putting all the milk in the big container and asking them to just do an oz or 2 at a time. no luck. I cannot tell you how many oz they wasted! Basically, anytime my kids cried, they would give them a bottle. Sometimes they just need to cry, people!!!

Stephanie said...

Seriously. One woman can only pump so much. And one baby can only drink so much. It's like the Law of Conservation of Mass... or something. :)

KiKi said...

Guess you'll be spending more time in the lactation room, with the Sisters. Holler if you want company.