Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mama Needs a Brand New Bag

I have used the heck out of my Vera Bradley pocketbook. My grandmother sent it to me 4 or 5 years ago (Thanks GG!) and supplemented the bag with a handy-dandy zip around wallet. I may even love the wallet more than the bag (and I really love the bag). And I pretty much use them both as my standards. Sure, I switch out purses every once in a while, but I always come back to the Vera bag because it is the right size and the wallet has just enough spaces and crevices to keep me relatively organized. Also, the bag has a zip top, which really helped keep prying hands out of my stuff until LP learned how to open zippers.

Unfortunately, it appears that the time to replace the bag is close at hand. When you can see the inside of the padded handles, I think perhaps it is necessary. And I am thinking of getting something a little bit bigger. Something that maybe could hold some diapers and wipes and a tightly sealed sippy so I don't have to carry a purse and a diaper bag around. Regardless of the bag, I am either going to reuse my zip-around wallet or purchase another similar one...I refuse to use wallets that don't fit cash (why would anyone design a wallet that is not long enough to take a bill in unfolded?) or have enough room for pictures of my beautiful kids.

Yesterday afternoon I took the girls to a local store to find a new pocketbook. LP was very excited to help me pick out a bag. Too bad they didn't have any. LP comforted me as we drove home, "I'm sorry, Mommy. No new pocketbook."

I am going to try to shop around on my lunch break this week and if that doesn't work I plan on ordering online next weekend. If you have any recommendations, do tell.

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