Thursday, September 4, 2008

One Trick Ponies

LP's trick of the day is that she pees on the potty beautifully - but only at school. Yesterday, for the second day in a row, she peed on the potty FOUR times. At home, not so much. At least she has learned to pull down the pull-ups and reuse them when there isn't pee in them instead of tossing them. Maybe it will save me some green.

Dee is just the opposite. She rolls like a superstar at home; I think they don't believe me at school, because she hasn't done it there once. Of course, this could be because they don't put her on the floor much. Most of the other kids are bigger and they are afraid the boys will steamroll her if they put her on the floor. While I understand, I still think it is important for her to get tummy time and floor play. Today they assured me that they would work it out next week when a teacher returns from vacation.

My trick is staying sane. I am not really good at it.


Robyn said...

More often than not, the reports I get of Bear at daycare are WAY different than how he is at home. Like use of the words "angel" and "good boy"...

Sounds like your girls are doing great at school!

A's Mom said...

Yeah, I heard kids that age love to go elsewhere on the potty. My friend's 3 year old daughter would go all the time at school, but as soon as she got home nothing... or at least accidents. Must be something about the teachers.