Wednesday, August 29, 2007

An Exercise in Stupidity

In case I was not feeling stupid enough attempting to complete my homework assignment, I did at least two other not-so-intelligent things yesterday.

Yesterday I wore a cute little twin set. I knew I hadn't worn it in a while because it was still wrapped up from the dry cleaner. So not only was it safe to assume I had not worn it the day before, but it was also fresh and clean. I get to my office, get out of the car and start talking to the woman parked next to me. I notice her looking at my shirt funny. I look down and see that my nice light blue shell is covered in black lint. While we discuss the possibilities she offers that perhaps I rubbed against something in the car. You know, because I rub my boobs on things as I drive into the office. Fortunately I am able to rub the lint right off with a spare lint brush I keep in my desk drawer.

Fast forward to me going out to lunch. As I get out of the car and look down I notice that the freaking lint is back. I look accusingly at my quilted purse, which is not linty to say the least. When I return to my car I inspect the seats; cloth, but not fuzzy. Frustrated I get in and pull my seat belt on - only to notice that the entire length of the seat belt is covered in black lint! So, my colleague was right, I was rubbing my chest on something as I drove into the office. Smooth move, ex-lax!

My stupidity did not end there. I do not usually go into the office on Mondays, my but I went in this week because I will be out on Thursday and Friday and wanted to get in some extra hours. So yesterday, Tuesday, was my second day in the office this week. That honor usually goes to Wednesdays. Wednesdays also happen to be garbage night in my neighborhood. I was so proud of myself for taking out all of the garbage and recycling - with LP's assistance of course - before the Hoos got home. He then complained that I had thrown everything out (e.g., the leftover challah and angel food cake from Friday night). When I explained to him that we only have garbage one night a week and since we are going away I didn't want to leave those items around to get moldy, it suddenly dawned on me that we were the only house on our block with the garbage cans out. I rushed out to put them back into our garage in an attempt to spare myself any further embarrassment.

Man, do I need a vacation.

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a happier girl said...

One time I bought new jeans and thought I was looking all cute out to dinner with family only to have a sweet woman discreetly point out to me that the size sticker was still on the jeans going right down the front of the leg. I guess the denim was dark enough that I just didn't see it. Felt like a total twit and a lot less cute.