Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Please Wait to be Seated

Last night the Hoos and I ate dinner while sitting on our kitchen floor. It is newly tiled and very nice, but nevertheless it is not quite the same as enjoying your dinner while seated at your dining table.

I accept the blame for the odd locale. Let me explain.

As usual, LP ate dinner before the Hoos and me. When it was time for us to eat, LP wanted something to much on as well in order to be social. After looking in my bowl and not deeming the contents worthy, she moved on to the Hoos and surveyed his meal. Considering we were both eating homemade stir fry over white rice, it should not come as a shock that she her nose up at his meal as well.

I then gave LP some freeze dried apples in her little plastic bowl. They have no nutritional value, but I figured she didn't need more cheerios. Typically when I give her snack in the bowl she eats in the kitchen because I am usually washing dishes or preparing a meal while she snacks. Apparently I have trained her well, because she refused to eat her apples anywhere but in the kitchen. And she refused to let go of the bowl.

Eventually, LP decided that the rice in the bottom of my dinner bowl looked appetizing and she climbed up into my lap and scooped the residual grains out with her hands. Turns out it was a good thing that we were sitting on the easy-to-clean tile floor.

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