Sunday, September 2, 2007

You See, We See, DC

We are back from our exciting trip to DC. First, let me say that LP was an absolute angel in the car. Both on the drive down to DC and the ride home she behaved beautifully. I had to read some stories and have a pacifier ready but she was great - even after sitting in a painful back-up this afternoon en route to the GW Bridge.

We had a really nice time. We got to see our friends and show off LP; she was the "entertainment". She showed everyone how she could howl like a wolf and kept doing it when she saw the boisterous response.

In addition to spending some quality time with friends, we also had some time alone to reacquaint ourselves with the old neighborhood. One of the highlights was visiting the sculpture garden outside of the National Gallery on the Mall. It has a huge fountain surrounded by beautiful curved marble benches. The Hoos and I sat back and let LP run back and forth between the raised fountain and our seats on the benches. She amused all of the tourists to the point that some even took pictures of her! Yes, it was a little creepy, but I am confident that they only had the best intentions. We also visited a butterfly garden situated between the Sculpture Garden and the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. LP loved sitting up on the big rocks lining the path.

Saturday evening as we returned from a friend's house with LP snoozing in her car seat, we drove through the GWU campus. Some of the students were still in the process of moving into Thurston Hall (the freshman dorm). I can remember moving into Thurston! The Hoos and I figured out that when we were entering college, the current freshman would have been five years old. Seeing how young the students looked and noting all of the new construction and changes on campus made me feel ancient.

I guess you never really can go back. But forward isn't such a bad direction to go either. Onward!

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Anonymous said...

So glad we got time with all 3 of you last week. Lil prepared us for the 4 -- yes 4 -- kids under two (and their parents) that took over the house on Sunday night. Some day The Kernal will return the favor : )
-- Your favorite parents to be in NoVa