Thursday, August 23, 2007

Challenge #786

How do you remove food stuck in between a toddler's teeth? LP has something green stuck in between her bottom front teeth. It is driving me crazy and all attempts to remove it thus far have been unsuccessful. To say that she does not appreciate my efforts on this front is like saying George W Bush occasionally has trouble converting his thoughts into words.

No amount of tooth brushing (she actually lets me do this) or scraping (she is a little less enthusiastic about this approach) will dislodge the detritus. I just hope the thing doesn't grow as she grows - because it might be there a while. You can't really use dental floss on a one-year-old - can you?

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Anonymous said...

Why not floss? Do you have a pedodontist to call and ask? If not, let me know - we do.
Aunt B...