Monday, August 27, 2007

Road Trip

LP's school is closed at the end of this week for teacher training. So, instead of just taking some time off to watch her at home, we decided to take a road trip. We will be venturing down to the DC-metro area to hook up with some friends and see the sights.

This will be our longest car trip since welcoming LP to the world. We are already starting to cringe at the thought of a bad car trip. We have no basis for this fear; LP is always excellent in the car, at least as long as she isn't hungry. However, in the months since we turned her around to be forward-facing in the car seat, we have noticed that she does not sleep as long in the car as she used to. This is both a blessing and a curse. While we no longer have to plan car trips around nap time so that she doesn't sleep the entire day away, she likes to be up and active and interactive. There isn't much you can do that is "active" with a one year old in the car; it is not as if geography or the license plate game will really entice her. We do play CDs and sing-along, but there is really only so much Raffi one can handle and I get a headache from turning around in my seat (not to mention the occasional burst blood vessel).

So far the plan is to leave about an hour before her regular nap time and hopefully make it down to lower NJ before stopping for lunch and some running around time. Hopefully expending some energy will help make the car ride more tolerable for everyone. Our next stop will be at Bass Pro Shops in Maryland ('ya, you pegged it, I am the one who wants to stop here' she says, her voice dripping with sarcasm); fortunately, Bass Pro is in an outlet mall that LP and I can explore (e.g., run around like crazy people).

Anyone have experience hitting the road with munchkins? Have any advice to offer for car ride bliss?


Anonymous said...

I suggest lots of snacks (yes the car will be filty, but LP will be happy), her favorite blanky and a DVD player. We just got back from a trip and used ours RJ liked it a lot. LD does not usually like TV, but since there was nothing else to do, so seemed to be captivated. You can borrow ours if you like. - Dianna

GreenStyleMom said...

Have to agree on the DVD player. For the longest time DVDs were a special treat only for travel.

We've also used finger puppets (you don't have to turn around, but your arms get sore!), little cars, little wind-up toys, lots of books, and musical instruments (egg shakers, castenets, etc).

I also always have a "special" snack that the kids aren't allowed to have at home like chocolate bunny crackers, lollipops, etc.

Good Luck on your trip and have fun at the Bass Pro Outlet *wink*

AmyBow said...

Thanks ladies! We have a portable DVD player, but I just wasn't sure if LP is ready for it. She can't hold it on her lap - I would have to hold it up for her and I am just not even sure it would captivate her. Bribery with food is definitely a strategy I will be employing.

Remember when a road trip meant a leisurely drive? sigh...

Anonymous said...

You can purchase a carrying case for the DVD player that fits between the two front seats - that is what we did. Have a great time. PS. Joe is going to be jealour that you are going to Bass Pro. We took a trip to Cabelas when RJ was 7 months. It was a lot of fun. - Dianna