Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Rolling Downhill

It is 9:15 in the morning and I can already tell that today is not my day. I have spent the last two days in conference rooms with the senior management of my firm and you would think that my first day not in a meeting would have to be a significant improvement. You would be wrong.

First, LP was making not-so-pleasant sound at 6 this morning, conveniently only a half hour before my alarm would have woken me. This left me with not enough time to fall back to sleep but too much time to actually want to get out of bed early. When the Hoos offered to go in and give her the pacifier I jumped at his offer. Of course, as soon as he went in the noise stopped and she was sound asleep again.

Then I get in and "reply-all" to an email regarding a party invitation by mistake. Shortly thereafter I get a snide IM from a colleague asking if I have been drinking and emailing. Of course I get more message recall failures than successes.

I have more emails than I care to deal with, not to mention several outstanding projects and problems that I would rather push off than address. Is it too late to call in sick?

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