Thursday, August 9, 2007

Personality on the Rise

Everyone thinks that their kid is a genius. I am no exception. LP is smart, especially when it comes to getting what she wants. Some examples:
  • Last evening when we returned home from the grocery store, I was putting the milk away and she searched the bags, found a container of strawberries, opened it, and proceeded to munch away... when I heard her doing something and turned around to look, she hid her hands behind her back to obscure the evidence. She hasn't realized yet that strawberry juice all over her face is a tell tale sign...
  • In the mornings, when the Hoos wakes the munchkin up, she gives him these huge, wonderful hugs, knowing that if she just squeezes Daddy tight, he will put off changing her diaper.
  • Cheerios are among LP's favorite things on the planet. She has figured out how to open the zipper on the diaper bag, seek out the container holding the Cheerios, and bring it to whomever is nearby to open for her.
  • This is nothing new, but LP has learned how to endear herself to people. If someone picks her up, she immediately rests her fuzzy little head on their shoulder, triggering the grown-up's "awwwww" instinct and pretty much guaranteeing she will get anything she wants.
In addition to being clever, LP is a flirt. She may be on track to learning that flirting is a way to get what you want. Yesterday in school she was on the ground being tickled on the belly by one of the teachers. Two little boys were laying down next to also getting tickled. LP picks herself up, walks over to the little boys, picks up their shirts and starts to "ticka" their little bellies... I guess it is better than her slurbing on them.

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