Tuesday, August 21, 2007


During practically every interaction I have with LP nowadays I notice something new and different in her personality and repertoire. It is really amazing. Despite the fact that she doesn't have many words (okay, or really any that I can definitely say are words) she does have a way of communicating and I am 100% sure that she understands everything I say, even if she ignores it.

For instance, yesterday my little bunny was expanding her pantry- opening skills. She can now remove the box of Cheerios and open them herself and even shove a few handfuls into her mouth before I can remove the box from her hand. She has removed each item from the pantry and inspected it individually to rate its "fun quotient". For example the (plastic) bottle of oil was picked up and quickly moved out of the way; the container of sprinkles on the spice rack/door was found to be infinitely more interesting and she struggled to get it open (thankfully without success) to taste the morsels inside. In the accompanying photo she is attempting to remove the plastic from the outside of a box of tea. Don't ask me why.

Also, for months now I have been reading LP a book called Busy Monkeys. Every page has a picture of a monkey doing something different. She has always loved this book and often carries it over to the Hoos or me and plops down in our laps so we can read it to her. As I read I try to act out the activity the monkey is engaged in, i.e., Monkey Oohing, Monkey Chewing. Last week the Hoos noticed that she would anticipate which page was coming up and would start to make the appropriate facial expression before he had a chance to. We don't know if she has memorized the order or if she is really understanding the words, but it is really cute to hear and see her "sniffing" when we get to Monkey smelling.

I am learning that my little girl is adorable, rambunctious, funny, silly, loving, smart, beautiful, wonderful...the list can go on and on...

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