Friday, August 17, 2007

And So It Goes...

I shouldn't have complained about LP's zipper-opening skill. Today I discovered that she knows how to open our pantry. Our pantry is about 5 feet tall, and it houses just about all of our food.

I was sitting in the office taking care of some work and LP wandered away. No big deal, I could still hear her. Suddenly she turns up at my side holding a box of Cheerios (the Cheerios live on the bottom shelf of the pantry, the tallest space). In her other hand are my cupcake "cups". Once again I think to myself - why didn't I close the pantry all the way?

We go back into the kitchen together and I carefully place the items back in the pantry and shut the door. Not to be outdone, LP opens the door and takes the Cheerios back out and hands them to me, imploring me to open them.

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