Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Singing in the Rain

Last night, like most nights, the Hoos, LP and I went for a walk after dinner. We have a few "standard" routes through the neighborhood, the longest of which is 2 miles and takes about 35 minutes. We really cherish these walks, not only for the exercise and the fresh air, but because they give us the time to catch up with each other.

As we neared the apex of our walk - the furthest possible point from our house, the sky darkened considerably. Unconvinced that this was due to the increasingly earlier sunset (it was almost 8pm, after all) we picked up the pace a bit and pulled the shade down on the stroller. A quarter mile later rain drops caused steam to rise up from the pavement. This lasted a minute or two and the precipitation abated, or at least it let up enough for us to let our guard down and slow down the pace.

A half mile later, about a quarter of a mile from out house, the sky really opened up and huge drops splashed down. The Hoos and I started to run. This was easier for me, since the Hoos was pushing a not-so-happy LP in the stroller. Of course, our house is at the top of an incline, which makes the last couple of blocks pretty miserable even when it isn't raining. Since I wasn't wearing a white t-shirt, it didn't much matter to me if I got wet. It actually felt nice and the Hoos and I laughed while LP shouted miserably.

It is amazing how small activities like this remind me why I love my husband so much. We had a great time running in the rain and even LP giggled a bit once we got her into the house.

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