Friday, October 9, 2009

That Really Burns My Butt

Last night a little before 1, AK woke up SCREAMING. Since she hadn't gone to bed until 10PM - two hours after her usual bedtime - this was very strange and incredibly jarring. I went in to her room and decided to change her diaper. As soon as I pulled it open, I saw the problem. Poor muffin had a most unfortunate poop and the diaper rash from hell.

This required reinforcements.

The Hoos joined me, bleary eyed, but at the ready. I held poor munchkin's little legs while she writhed in pain as he attempted to clean her off.

AK is at the end of her course of antibiotics for her ear infections and apparently Cefdiner/Omnicef has the reputation of being a tush killer. I have honestly never seen such an awful looking heiney (not that I have seen many, mind you). The pediatrician recommended a course of thrice daily Nystatin for the rash (which appears to be a yeast infection ALL OVER her private cheeks), baking soda baths followed by some hair dryer action to make sure she is nice and dry, and Mylanta. The Mylanta part was weird to me. I am to pour the antacid on her cutie patootie. Hey - we like this pediatrician because she is a seasoned veteran, if she says it will make baby girl feel better, I am all in.

Right now AK is sleeping. I can't blame her since she was up late, intermittently, and early. Hopefully all will be right with the world in the next day or so. I needed a reason to visit the pediatrician anyway - trying to determine if I should show up to the flu clinic tomorrow so LP can get her first round of the H1N1 flu mist...which means, TWO DAYS IN A ROW AT THE DOCTOR! Rock on!


Mindy said...

Our dr made us a cream of mylanta, nystatin and something else that worked great.

sjmom said...

I told my doctor to give me a different antibiotic! Why do they even prescribe that stuff when it is so hard on the kids!?!

Poor little one, she seemed her happy self when I saw her on Sat!