Monday, October 19, 2009

Left in the Dust

Apparently my girls celebrated birthdays or at least jumped ahead a few years in terms of their development and forgot to tell me.

After reneging on wearing underwear to bed Thursday night, LP has been wearing it every night since! And as she will tell you, "I don't pee in the middle of the night and I stay dry!" HOORAY!

She has also become a gum chewing expert (I know, she shouldn't really have it, but it is the ultimate inexpensive bribery tool for her), she hasn't swallowed it or gotten it in her hair - yet.

We also finally picked out her Halloween costume. Shockingly, she will be Tinkerbell. Before buying it for her I made her understand and repeat that she will have to wear a shirt and pants under the pretty, light-weight dress (it was in the 30s here this weekend!!!). I think what really sold her on it were the cheap plastic clip-on earrings that came with it,"Mommy, do they stick in my ears? No, they do on like hair clips? Oh? Can I get real earrings? Not till I'm big? But Isabella has them and she is three like me."

Not to be outdone, AK has enjoyed sneaking sips from my iced coffee (LP took one taste when she was little and spit it out, never to try to drink from my cups again, AK is apparently a decaffeine fiend). She also has this awesome new thing of telling us when she is ready for bed, climbing out of my arms, sidling up to the crib, and pointing.

AK is also eagerly attempting to repeat words. One of her new favorites is, "Yesssssh!" Which is much better than "No". Actually, I am not sure that she uses "No" yet, not that I am complaining. There will be plenty of time for her to use that word - just ask LP...

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