Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Trip, Her Trap, No Naps

Yesterday was LP's first school trip. I was not able to go - a girl has to work sometimes, you know - but I was fortunate that 1. several of my friends chaperoned and 2. LP is quite talkative. Between the reports from my friends, their pictures, and LP's perspective, it was almost like I was there.

From DM: It was fun, the farm is nice & the field trip is pretty well organized. WE got there & hopped right onto a hay/tractor ride & went through the apple orchards, then we got to pick a pumpkin & run around a little, then is was onto the petting zoo & snack time. I thought [LP] was going to feed the animals a few times, she got close to the deer, but she faked me out & just threw the food at them!

From MLH: My fave [LP] moment was when she was walking around covering her ears b/c she didn't like peacocks!? Are peacocks noisy?

From LP's friend CS: I rode on a tractor

LP on the drive: I drove with [DM]. We had Pirate Booty in the car in case we got hungry.

LP on the farm: I almost fed a deer. But the lady said 'don't feed the buffalo.' They can get...sad because no one feeds them, but you can't feed them.

And more insight from LP from back in the classroom: When we were eating pumpkin pie and Miss Miller was putting more water in the fish tank, I said 'POOP! POOP! I smell poop!' And it was [so-and-so]. He pooped in his pants.

And reflecting on the trip to the Hoos: Daddy, it would have been nice if you came on my field trip. It would be fun to drive in your car to the farm. [NOTE: I might have cried if she said this to me]

After all of this hoopla you would have thought that LP would have been exhausted and napped like a superstar. Alas, no nap was enjoyed. Even better, when I picked up AK she had decided that napping was beneath her as well. SHE IS 16 MONTHS OLD! SHE IS NOT ALLOWED TO GIVE UP NAPS.

Proving that miracles do happen, even without naps, and with the Hoos working a bit late - there were NO meltdowns in our house last night. The girls ate dinner and played and enjoyed each other. I did put AK down at 7:30 - half an hour earlier than usual - and she went right down. It was actually a pretty drama-free night - dare I say, better than some others that include naps?


Anonymous said...

The fish tank/poop/pumpkin pie bit killed me! Ha!
The Buffalo perspective is funny too - they were clearly told not to feed the buffalo, but because he was grouchy ;)
Can't believe LP didn't nap - every (other) kid was exhausted when we got back! Maybe it was the animal stress that kept her awake.

Anonymous said...

Yes peacocks make noise. Prior to more building there was a peacock farm down the road, and the houses in our community that faced it, had a nightly chorus of "screeching cats"! gg