Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Not Ready to Let Go

AK had her first full day in the Toddler I class yesterday. I hope that things improve.

First, the Hoos said that drop off wasn't pretty. In her old room, as long as the Hoos was doing drop off, she would wiggle out of his arms and run over to her favorite teacher, waiting to be scooped up in her arms. In this room, AK didn't want to be put down. He had to carry her as he put away her things. Then he had to hand her off to a teacher (and not one of her teachers, a fill in teacher she is familiar with; I am not clear on if her teachers were in the room but not available to/interested in taking her or just not there) as she cried.

Fortunately, when the Hoos checked back in a few minutes later she was no longer crying and was walking around playing. He got the okay sign from the teacher that had calmed her down.

I called to check in toward the end of nap time (3pm) and was told that AK was doing fine and had just woken up from "a short nap." I didn't like the sound of "short nap," especially considering last Friday she didn't take a nap at all, but I was happy she wasn't screaming. The teacher also didn't give me the details I might have liked, she was more vague, but maybe that is a function of the room? I know as the kids get older, their daily sheets become less detailed. At this point, LP's sheet is basically a photocopy given to the entire class with her name written on it and a sentence specific to her.

Much to my chagrin, when I picked AK up and actually saw her daily sheet, a "short nap" didn't begin to describe it. She slept from 12:30 - 1:15! Nap time STARTS at 1. And I called at 3 and was told she was just waking up. "I was mistaken, I meant to just say that she was awake." NOT inspiring confidence here.

Baby girl was also a bit out of sorts. As we walked to the playground to enjoy the gorgeous weather she was kind of pulling at me and she nodded emphatically when I asked if she was hungry. Fortunately I had a "juice box" of milk in the car and a container of applesauce. She drank half the milk in one continuous suck. She has a water cup in class and her sheet said that she ate all of the offered snacks (Kix for am snack, cheese and crackers for 3pm snack and Cheerios for 5 pm snack), but who knows? Likely they were just setting up the 5pm snack and had prefilled in the sheet.

In general, last night was fine, although AK definitely was tired. She didn't eat much dinner, preferring to decorate the floor with it (why, oh, why did I try to serve her rice?!). At 7 she walked to the bathroom door and pointed at the tub, ready for her bedtime ritual to begin. After the bath and some playtime with her big sister, she was walking toward the stairs, indicating that she wanted to brush her teeth. By 8 she was asleep.

I don't mind the early bed part, but I am definitely missing my relationship with her Infant Room II teachers. I hope that we all adjust to the new room and schedule soon.

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