Thursday, October 1, 2009

Not For Nothing

Okay, this has totally nothing to do with anything, but I am excited by a new feature that my bank recently introduced - ATM deposits that don't require an envelope or deposit slip!

Today was the first time I encountered this. After scouring my house for a deposit slip (I have pretty much used all of the ones up from the backs of the check books), I made my way to the ATM on my way to work this morning. When I first pulled up I was PISSED because there were no envelopes. Never fear! As I looked at the ATM I noticed it was new and different. And AWESOME.

Basically you press the buttons indicating you want to make a deposit, select the account the deposit is going to and then insert the checks in a certain orientation (up to 30 at a time - I did two) and the machine automatically scans them and confirms your deposit amount. You don't enter your deposit amount - it reads it and tells you! You can then get your receipt printed with the scans of the checks (for those paranoid about new technology going bad, this may mitigate some concern).

I know, I am silly to be excited about this. But it makes me like Chase bank even more. Now if only they would give me free money...

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