Thursday, October 15, 2009

One More PullUp

For the last couple of weeks LP has been waking up dry. Yes, despite the fat that she has been toilet trained - without barely an accident - since last December, she continues to wear pullups to bed, so waking up dry is a big deal. Several times over the last few months I have tried to accelerate the wearing of underwear to bed with not so great results. Instead, I just go out and buy more pullups.

Tuesday morning LP once again woke up dry and told the Hoos, "Daddy, just two more pullups!" despite the fact that she actually had a huge stack of them in her special princess pullup box. Yesterday she woke up dry again and she insisted on calling me at work to tell me, "Mommy, just one for pullup!" she yelled from the back seat of the car into his cell phone. We have no idea how or why she set this deadline, but heck yeah, I am all for reducing my diaper bill.

Now if only we can convince her to pee as soon as she wakes up. The Hoos has been struggling to get her to take a "morning pee" for months. Especially since she refuses at home and then as soon as they walk into day care she insists on using the bathrooms there.

Tonight should be interesting. I am hopeful that her track record for dryness has boosted her confidence and bladder capacity and life (and sleep) should be uninterrupted.

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A's Mom said...

Sp jealous! Although LMA has been waking up with a dry diaper after nap and in the morning, he still refuses to use the potty. We've even tried coaxing him to stand and pee just like Daddy, but no go.