Thursday, October 15, 2009


Monday night I decided to DVR Aladdin which was playing on the Disney Channel. While we continue to sloooowly plow through Snow White (skipping any remotely scary scenes) I figured this might be a nice alternative to Tinkerbell (apparently there is a straight-to-DVD Tinkerbell movie coming out later this month, I may have to be first in line).

Once again, I was shocked, but not surprised to realize that once again, a Disney movie has an absent mother. Yes, I have seen Aladdin before (I think as a camp counselor it was a rainy day trip, although I am not and was never above going to animated movies without this type of incentive), but I guess I just forgot.

Then I went through my mental list of Disney movies:
  • Cinderella - no mom, just evil stepmom
  • Snow White - see above
  • Beauty and the Beast - no mention
  • Aladdin - see above
  • The Little Mermaid - see above
  • Bambi - killed pretty early
  • Finding Nemo - see above
  • Dumbo - torn away from her child (the most positive role model of the Disney moms, although violence is not the answer)

Of course this list is not comprehensive and there are dozens of Disney animated classics, but, dude, cut a mom a break...Daddies are cool and all, but little princesses need their mommies too!

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