Monday, October 5, 2009

Cram It In

This weekend I feel like we had a whole bunch of different activities going on. While hectic, I loved it.

Friday night was dinner in the sukkah at my in-laws, which both girls loved, even if it did mean that AK was a disaster, running all over the place.

Saturday morning LP had ballet. I have determined that 9am is too early for my family. The downside of everyone sleeping past 8 I guess? Regardless, LP had a wonderful time.

Later in the morning the Hoos had to get some work done, so I took the girls to Stew's for a hayride. We had never been before, and, while it only cost $1 for the three of us to ride, it was very weird. It is in their underground parking gargage and they have a variety of scenes laid out - some related to Halloween - like a haunted grave yard with skeletons - and some are just odd, like cardboard cutouts of Pat Sayjak and Vanna White in front of a Wheel of Fortune wheel with cutouts of "H. Simpson" and "B. Obama" as the contestants. Fortunately, the scary things did not impact either of my little monkeys. When we got off the ride, LP told me it was "fu-uhn!" and her favorite part were the "light-ups" (the Christmas lights they use to decorate the graveyard vignette).

And the day wasn't over!

After lunch, we all piled into the car and headed down to Long Island. We were off to visit my best friend from high school and her husband and two little boys. Both of my girls slept in the car - yay for naps! The kids all had a great time once they warmed up and the weather turned out to be very nice. After Chinese take-out dinner we were off again - fortunately this time we only had a 20 minute drive to my parents' house where we spent the night.

The girls were very wound up and excited to be at Grandma and Papa's house. It took a while to get them to bed, but fortunately once they were down they slept through the night.

The next day the girls ran my parents ragged while the Hoos and I ran some errands. He got a new jacket and I got my birthday present - a wireless router. Woo-hoo! It is amazing how much easier shopping is without little muffins in tow.

Once again, timing a trip for after a meal (lunch), we headed back to Norwalk. Once home I set up the router - which works wonderfully - and the Hoos replaced a sensor on our garage door so that the garage door opener actually works.

Last night was another dinner in the sukkah. Pizza was easy, the weather was fantastic and the girls enjoyed their cousins. Crazy to think we crammed so much into one weekend. I am betting that it will make our next lazy, do-nothing weekend even more appealing.

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