Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Teaching Tact

Saturday night we went on a family date. My little family of four went over to the home of another little family of four for pizza and make your own sundaes. Our kids are exactly the same age and for the most part get along splendidly. In fact, I think the littlest buggers - AK and WMK - are in love, although AK is coy about it, because she smiled but didn't kiss back when her boyfriend smooched her.

Anyway, Chlo-Chlo is all about princesses and dress up. LP was in heaven. Within a minute of us entering their pristine home, both girls had stripped down to their skivvies and were pulling costumes out of the playroom with great fanfare. Apparently, both chose ballet outfits for the first act.

LP walks out with a huge smile in a tutued leotard on backwards. The low cut v that was supposed to be in the back? Was in the front practically exposing her ninnies and navel. She was like the toddler J. Lo. Very fashion forward.

Lesson 400, "Now that you know how to dress yourself, make sure you do it right." Crucial because the Hoos couldn't tell that the leotard was backwards and would have dressed LP that way himself!

Being visually tacky is only one half of the equation. LP is also very direct, like most toddlers.

Yesterday as we took a family walk she announced, "Jules has a birthmark. It will go away when she gets big." Jules is the little sister of a boy in the older class at preschool. That is, he is not even in LP's class. Apparently Jules came in to drop off her big brother and LP got all inquisitive and in-your-face asking questions. Cute for a three-year old, but exponentially less cute as she gets older.

I guess it is time to start the "asking appropriate questions" and "keeping things to yourself" training. Mommy could probably use some help in those areas as well.

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Where are the pictures of L. Bo?!