Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Crying for Attention

Yesterday as I rushed the girls out of the house, AK fell on the walkway between the house and garage. As usual, she was not deterred and pulled herself up and kept walking in an effort to prove that she was a walker and a "big girl" like her older sister. When she reached the car, I quickly scooped her up, strapped her into her car seat and ran around to the other side of the car to inspect LP's straps (as a big girl she now insists on strapping herself in; thankfully she has gotten more proficient and it actually saves time) .

When we got to our destination and I went to liberate AK from her car seat I noticed her knee, already a bit scabby, was a bit bloody and had new scrapes on top of her healing ones. This is so different from LP. Not LP when she was one, but LP now.

I love her, she is adorable and beautiful and entertaining, but she loves to lay on the drama. If she is feeling attention starved, any teeny tiny bump is a boo-boo requiring surgery, or at least a bandage (preferable one with Dora or a princess), any small tumble is like a fall from a building, requiring being immediately picked up and carted around for the next half hour (especially if doing something Mommy specifically told you not to do and yelled at you for doing), each time her sister accidentally scratches or pushes back while being attacked is cause for tears that would make Sarah Bernhardt proud.

My hope is that the little sister will pass the lesson to suck it up on to the big sister.

Except that yesterday AK was feeding herself and her finger slipped into her nose by accident. Her cousins and I responded with laughter. This meant that she repeatedly stuck her finger up her nose while cracking up. Not a lesson LP needs to learn (the nose is a fascinating orifice after all).

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nallman said...

I am avoiding character band-aids like the plague! I can only imagine what a slippery slope they are..."No Mommy, I want a SPIDERMAN band-aid, not the brown ones!"