Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The List

Last night my brother-in-law and his family came over for dinner. Sitting around the table talking we got on the subject of grocery shopping and lists.

LP, wanting to be included in what was a silly conversation, stopped chomping on her gingerbread cookie and announced, "Miss Miller has a list." Miss Miller is her preschool teacher.

When I asked what was on Miss Miller's list she said, "My name, sometimes."

Of course, I asked why her name would be on the list, "For when I'm bad."

Points for honesty.

Until my follow up question asking if her name was on the list today.

"Yes. And I got a sticker."

Not that I think she is lying, I just thing her little brain moves so fast it blurs things together.

Like last week when she came home with a rubber ducky for "...using my listening ears and pushing Jacob and Miss Miller chasing me around the room and catching me with her legs."

I have no idea what happened with Miss Miller (and when I asked she gave me an absolute blank stare, Miss Miller isn't exactly the chasing type) but the rest seems plausible if not mixed up.


Anonymous said...

I love the stories they come home with! Today MK told that she did a project for AO's mommy. I asked if she was going to do a project for her mommy, and she said she would "on Saturday". I guess she can't squeeze me in this week at school ;)

Billie said...

I sometimes have the same problem sorting out the truth from the fiction. I am not saying that Piero is lying... but he has his facts mixed up.

Just the other day, he told me that Kylie had a pink guitar when she was 5. Except Kylie is only 4. Perhaps Kylie had a pink guitar when HE was 5. A few other interesting things popped up in that same conversation. I am sure there was some truth in there but it was clearly mixed with things that couldn't be true.