Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Passing the Buck

This morning in his rush to get the girls out of the house, the Hoos forgot to change LP out of her pajama shirt. He didn't notice until they walked into the day care. When he started to laugh, LP looked at him quizzically and asked why he was laughing. He tried to downplay it so she wouldn't notice, but, as you may have guessed, LP is a pretty smart kid*. She looked down and figured out the joke.

"No worries," the Hoos told her, "I am sure you have an extra shirt in your bin." Except apparently she didn't.

When he called to recount the story to me, the Hoos added, "So, you should probably check that out. There aren't any shorts either, just long pants and a shirt that looks like it would fit AK." He is right, there aren't many clothes in the bin. A few weeks ago when LP got some water on her shorts she insisted on changing. She ended up wearing size 18 month pants. They were more like hot pants.

HOWEVER, I interrupted him. "Okay, so take note of that and bring more clothes next week." He started sputtering, "But that is why I am telling you. Because really only one of us should be responsible for that, you know so we don't get confused."

"Excellent!" I responded, "We have talked it out and we are straight, you will take care of LP's bin. I don't have to be in charge of everything."

Wanna bet who ends up sending in new clothes next week.

*Case in point: Last night, post-tantrum, LP and AK and I were watching Animal Planet. There was a big cat on the screen and I asked LP if it was a leopard or a cheetah (as the Hoos will tell you I can't keep any of the big cats beyond a tiger and a lion straight). She told me that it was a cheetah and two seconds later the narrator confirmed. She then went on to tell me that the gazelles they were hunting"...look like deer! No goats! No, I know! They are cantaloupes!"

When the cheetah finally caught the "cantaloupe" she said, "Mommy! The cheetah is killing the cantaloupe! What should we do?" I responded that it was important because the cheetah was hungry and the gazelle was its dinner. "We don't eat cantaloupes! We don't eat animals!" I started to explain about how chickens, etc. were animals, but I just figured it was better to smile and laugh. I like cantaloupe, anyway.


Wenderina said...

hmmm...what ever happened to that no negatives about hoos on the blog rule? Ok, so it isn't that negative, it's actually kind of cute...and even though you had told me the cantaloupe story, I still got a giggle.

nallman said...

Oh man, can I relate to this one! My husband attempts to pull the same trick:).

Anonymous said...

You should have just taken some of LDs clothes - they share the same cubby silly! That's what the "Village" is for - helping each other out.


A's Mom said...

Good for you!