Thursday, August 13, 2009

I Got Lucky!

So did the Hoos.

Not like that you pervs! My grandma reads this!

My little AK is just the smiliest, happiest little munchkin of a baby you have ever seen. She is almost always grinning, showing off her four front teeth. She goes down to bed super easily and since hitting the 11 month mark has slept peacefully through the night (okay, until 7:30 or so). Apparently her top two molars are breaking through. I wouldn't have known without the doctor telling me, because she certainly doesn't complain about it. How many little kids get excited about chomping on a piece of broccoli as they stroll through the grocery store? She is certainly one a kind - the best kind.
And my big girl? Well, she is a unique peach. A talker, a charmer, a sweetheart and the most wonderful pain in the arse. She would rather read a book than watch TV. After requesting that our visiting rabbit hop around, she stands on a chair and cheers as he hops around far below. Little pieces of paper become projects to be brought in to my office for decoration. Discussing "when mommy was little like me" and watching videos from "when she was a baby" provide hours of entertainment. She still sleeps with her nappies (baby blankets) even while gleefully acknowledging that she is "too big and they don't work anymore. And, best of all, she has hugs and love for everyone - from the open arms she sports when greeting her friends on the playground, to the "hard kisses" she gives when trying to prolong bedtime.

My little love bugs are fabulous. There, I said it. I know, I say it all the time, but I don't think I say it nearly enough.

Yes, indeed, Mama got lucky.

thanks to MLH for the photo of us in our inadvertently matching outfits


Anonymous said...

and we got lucky too....Those are the cutest little poochies! GG

nallman said...
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nallman said...

I have to agree, LP is quite the charmer:).