Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Art of Subtlety

Last night when the Hoos walked into the house, he greeted the girls, looked at me and asked, "Did you wear those shoes to work?"

I was wearing green Crocs with my work clothes. I stated that I had to run out to the car to get something I had forgotten (his dry cleaning!) and they were easier to slip on than my brown heels.

"Oh, okay, because there is something weird with them and your pants. Your pants are too long or something." I pointed out that my pants were the right length when worn with the aforementioned heels.

"No, it isn't that. They are weird on your butt. Can I throw them out?"

Awesome. I wore pants all day that my husband thinks make my butt look funky in a bad way. Talk about a shot to the confidence. And he wasn't done.

"Where did you get that shirt?" I looked down at it. It was a new shirt I had bought over the weekend. It was kind of sheer so I wore a tank underneath. I liked both - having just spent actual money on them.

"Better yet, why?" At this point I am sure he could sense that perhaps it wasn't the conversation I was hoping to have with him.

"It is just that you are so pretty..."

I am going to look at the bright side - Looks like mama just won herself a shopping spree.


Robyn said...

Where was he when you got dressed in the morning?

Hubby's version of telling me I look nice is "That doesn't look bad."


Anonymous said...

Didn't his Mom ever tell him: "If you don't have anything nice to say - don't say anything"!?

You should definitely check with your Girl Friends before listening to your husband about fashion!

Well, maybe not me... ;-) but the other Amy can help!


nallman said...

Ha! Thanks for the chuckle that was good...and SO typically male. By the way, I thought you looked quite nice on the playground last night!

AmyBow said...

thanks ladies! the Hoos is still sleeping when i leave the house in the morning. obviously it is better that way for all parties.