Thursday, August 20, 2009


AK idolizes her big sister. So, when LP sits on the toilet in our upstairs bathroom, AK will pull the potty up next to it and settle herself down. On occasion I will remove AK's diaper to give her the full experience. Not that she ever actually peed in the potty. Well, once she did pee next to it, does that count?

The other day she kept trying to take the potty ring and put it on top of the little potty (we have every toilet training tool you can imagine thanks to the trial and error method of toilet training we employed).

Last night as I was getting the bath ready for the girls, AK was once again nosing around the toilet. Since I already had her naked, I put the potty ring on the toilet and set her atop. She was very excited and looked like a little princess on her throne. And then I heard a plop! And a tinkle!

I called out in excitement to the Hoos and he and LP came running in. LP was exclaiming, "That is so, so great!" and clapping. AK was also grinning and clapping like crazy. She was so excited she didn't want to get off the toilet.

After things settled down the Hoos mused, "You know what that means? It means you were cutting it close. We would have had another poop in the tub."

Really? Because I thought it meant that there was the possibility that my almost 15-month old might, by some miracle, start using the toilet more regularly. But likely I am delusional. And I can't imagine they make underwear that small anyway.

Between the first time LP used the potty and her becoming fully toilet trained, it was 11 months. If AK is anywhere close we still have a long road of kowtowing at the feet of Procter and Gamble's Pampers...but a mom can hope, can't she?

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Anonymous said...

They do make them that small!! LD basically trained herself at 18 months. I remember thinking - thos little panties look so funny on her because she is so tiny! In fact she is still wearing them now - almost out of them but still ok. Hanes 2T/3T or Fruit of Loom same size at Wal-mart.

You never know!