Friday, August 7, 2009

Wipe Out

The sun was out, there was a breeze, it wasn't too was the perfect night for a post-school playground visit.

As I shuttled LP, AK, and their various lunch boxes, bags and linens out to the playground, I waved to some friends, and was eager to relax on a bench and catch up.

And then my heel got caught.

And I went down.

Holding AK.

Fortunately I was able to cradle AK and no part of her body actually hit the ground. This was confirmed by another mom that actually watched me fall, helpless. AK did cry, but from the fear of watching the pavement rapidly approach as we fell as opposed to any injury.

Of course, since protecting my baby was my number one priority me knees and other body parts were not so fortunate. My ego and pride were also injured in the accident. Further exacerbated by LP checking in with me from the slide every two minutes, "Mom, are you okay?'


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you and AK are OK!

Aunt Barbara

nallman said...

Oy. So glad you're both ok. The playground shuffle can be a tough one.

A's Mom said...

I've had that experience too when I tumbled over our retaining wall in our back yard. It's even more horrible when your kids are watching/involved. Glad to hear everyone is A.O.K.

Wenderina said...

ouch. Just ouch.