Tuesday, August 25, 2009

An Embarassment of Riches

Today after work I had an optometrist appointment to get my contact lense prescription updated. This meant that I got to day care later than usual - around 6 instead of 5:15.

I got the girls and we immediately went to the playground. Which was fine for about 10 minutes. And then LP started to have a tantrum. "I'm still hungry!" after many many pieces of Pirate Booty and "I don't want to go!" after standing on the side and eating or yelling and not doing any playing.

She then proceeded to lay down and cry. It was awesome.

One of LP's friends kept trying to cheer her up, "Come and play, LP!" and gave solid advice, "You shouldn't lay down, your hair will get dirty. When I cry I stand up and walk around."

At a few points AK also chimed in for a symphony of whining. I felt like such a rockstar mom.

I am not much of a yeller, instead choosing to talk quietly, asking why she was acting like this and what she actually wanted (not that I thought she actually knew). When I eventually got LP into the car she chided me, "I had a bad day because you were running late."

The Hoos just called to tell me he has a flat tire. Looks like tonight is just getting better.

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