Monday, August 24, 2009

A New Thing (But Not Necessarily MY Thing)

You know how when you do sometihng once and all of a sudden it becomes "your thing." Even though it was something you only did once and it isn't necessarily your thing?

After hearing a news story on the radio, I decided to DVR (this is a verb, not sure if that is appropriate or common, but it is) a new show, "The Mighty Boosh." A British comedy, I knew it could either be really funny or really awful. Coupled with the fact that the Hoos and I often have a horrible time with heavy accents (we had to turn off Gosford Park after five minutes because neither of us could understand a WORD being said), there was a potent potential for disaster.

On Monday night at 9:30 after getting the girls to bed, I knew I wasn't up for an hour-long show and I thought The Mighty Boosh might be a good way to pass a half hour. Bizarre doesn't even begin to describe this show. BUT, to be honest, there is really no way to describe it. For someone who writes for a living, I feel I am at a loss to appropriately describe it. The episode we saw involved eels, a man with a life saver-like thing over his eye and a lot of urine, and a cross-dresser with a lot of money. There was also a side story about an odd collection of characters riding a magic carpet.

After watching it and laughing out loud a few times, gasping in horror and confusion a few other times, the Hoos looked at me and just gaped. I wasn't sure what to think. It took me a few days to determine that I might as well DVR the next episode.

Last night the Hoos saw a commercial for the show and called out, "Aim! Your show is on!" I am not sure if this is exactly what I would consider my show. Kind of like the time the Hoos recommended Nip/Tuck to some friends and then was horrified when the next episode aired and he realized exactly what he "had done" (made us look like pervs).

So, not that I am recommending it, but if you want to try to help me describe it, either check out The Mighty Boosh on YouTube or check it out at 1am on Mondays during Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network. Mom, don't even bother, it isn't for you.

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