Monday, August 31, 2009

Please Put Me in Time Out

I am just back from a long weekend in Vermont and all I can say is that I need a vacation. The girls had fun with their cousins, LP enjoyed catching "pickle fish," as her cousin Y calls them, from the row boat with her daddy, and AK liked searching the house we stayed in for her favorite animal - ducks.

When I returned I had an offer in my inbox for free tickets to a Connecticut Suns game. The Suns are the WNBA team that plays up at Mohegan Sun. Considering the Hoos and I haven't been anywhere near a casino since having the girls, I thought it might be a good time. In fact, the tickets are for the entire family. It never occurred to me that there was family fun to be had at a casino, but I will check it out and report back.

We saw the Globetrotters back in the winter and I think it would be nice for my daughters to see that girls can be athletic and competitive too. Plus, we are bringing my parents so maybe there will be an opportunity for the Hoos and me to sneak off during half time and put some quarters in the slots.

If anyone else is interested in checking out the Suns, my ticket came with an offer for my loyal readers: $18 seats for $10; $22 seats for $18; $27 seats for $23. Just go to this site and enter special promo code: WNBABLOG. If you go, let me know how it is!

As I type I am listening to AK scream from her crib. I guess those peaceful nap times are a thing of the past. Boo! Hiss!

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