Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Good Love

Tonight AK said something that sounded close to "da-da" but it wasn't. She already says da-da. The Hoos figured out that she was saying LP's name. When I asked AK "Where is Di-dee?" she pointed at LP. It was awesome.

I already knew she loved her big sister. But now she has an actual name for her.

Tonight also included a change to AK's bedtime routine. Up until tonight her final bottle was consumed in my arms in the glider in her bedroom. When she was done I would pop her into bed. Now that she has teeth, I knew that I really needed to start brushing them. So, I held her in my arms downstairs with the rest of the family until she finished her bottle. I then put her down and told her to give Daddy and LP kisses. She went right over to the Hoos, mouth open wide making the "kiss" sound. When she was done with him she walked over to LP in the same position and bent down to give her a kiss.

I think I am in love. If only I could steal one of those kisses...

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