Tuesday, September 1, 2009

STOP Moving

Do you see the cuteness in this face? Would you be willing to buy her? Before you call CPS, I am truly joking...at least right now. Yesterday you might have had yourself a bargain though!

Even though it was a work from home day, it was such an exhausting day. Originally I intended to send AK to day care so I could catch up from our weekend away, but she has a cold and I wanted to give her some extra time to recuperate. Not that she at all acted like she was under the weather. She spent the ENTIRE DAY moving. She woke up at 7:15 and was running in circles constantly.

Several times I tried to put her down for a nap and each time she cried incessantly and showed no signs of stopping. The last straw was when I took her for a walk (the weather was beautiful after all) to lull her to sleep and she squirmed and screamed most of the time. I then decided to take her to the doctor to see if her cold had proliferated into an ear infection.

It hadn't. But we likely gave everyone in the office a headache as she ran around like a Loony Toon with me calling, "AK! AK! Stop being a nuisance" after her. Seriously, she pulled a little wagon in to the exam area as I attempted to check in, climbed up and down on a little play platform shaped like an airplane about four million times, smiling the whole time and directing attention to all of the adults in the waiting room in an effort to get them to love her. They all did. Even me.

She finally fell asleep on the trip from the pediatrician's office to the day care center where we had to pick up LP. Fortunately, my friend DM showed up right in the nick of time and went and picked LP up for me so I could leave AK sleeping. After about a half hour nap I tried to move AK into the stroller so we could join the gang on the playground (plus it was really really hot in the car), it didn't work. She woke right up and insisted on getting down and dirty with the other kids.

After finally leaving the playground, I had to make good on a promise to LP to get her ice cream at Stew Leonard's. The girls actually shared nicely while watching the animals and we were even able to get some shopping in. From there we went home and my neighbor arrived to install our new hot water heater. His wife and adorable 10-month old daughter came over to visit while he worked and I think we probably made them both dizzy with the level of activity and madness. AK's nuttiness was likely an excellent form of birth control as well.

FINALLY around 8:00 AK was bathed, medicated (Benadryl to dry up the snots - NOT to knock her out, I swear!), and peacefully sleeping. Instead of passing out, I ate my first real meal of the day, folded the laundry that I had hoped to take care of earlier in the day when AK was SUPPOSED to be napping, made the girls' lunches and put them in their new lunch boxes (how cute are these? LP has the tiger and AK has the dog), caught up on some email, and straightened up the house. Around 9:30 I was able to sit on the couch on watch a DVRd episode of Top Chef.

The point of this post was mostly to whine. Sorry if it exhausted all of you. Just writing it made me want to take a nap!

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